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Body Sliders by OneEuroMutt Body Sliders by OneEuroMutt


I have fix my Butt-Waist Height Slider. I have forgotten to check EA old skirts (did testing with all new skirts) and if you download the first one i had up, the skirts will be off on your  Female Sims. Sorry about that but i did fix it so please re download.


I give to you my Small Body Slider Pack.

Not sure if someone out there well use these but I made them anyways. Personal I just used Chest height slider myself.

tumbler for other photos -…


                1. Chest height [ Mouth] {All ages and Gender}

                2. Back [ Mouth] {Child-Elder- FM}

                3. Chest Out [ Mouth] {Child-Elder- FM}

                4. Breast Rotate [ Mouth] {Teen-Elder- F}

      *NEW 5. Butt-Waist Height [Mouth] {Child-Elder FM}


Butt-Waist Height works with Body Shapes Sliders by Andeson and Jonha Waist slider.

Jonha waist slider increases and decreases the waist. 

Andeson waist height shrinks the waist and lefts it.

Mine simple lefts and lowers the waist without shrinking it and no trembling feet.


Thanks to

This Tutoral

and this post by Cmar.


Term of USE:

Do not claim as your own, if you can please link back (if used in a shared sim for upload), and don’t post sliders for upload on another site. Um…that’s it. (If the sliders are no longer on devinart I will post on mediafire (from Tumbler) but I use devinart as I never had a problem downloading.)



1. anonymous asked: o.o I have no idea how to get the sliders from dA..
Reply: On deviantart (This page)  in the upper right corner of the screen,(right bellow add to favorites link) there is a green arrow pointing down. Click it and it will download.

2. anonymous asked: It won't download/load anything.
Reply: try right clicking the download button and opening it in a new link/tab. For some reason the site is having issue. I believe someone mention that not all browsers are effected. I'm on firefox and opening in a new tab seems to work.

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nnintea Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2015  Student Digital Artist
The zip download isn't working for me for some reason :(
OneEuroMutt Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I think there something up with deviantart Try right clicking on the green arrow download and open it up through a new tab. That got the download to work for me. If I right click and open it up in in a new tab it downloads. Oe-Li-Lee said using internet Explorer works.
sackgirl10 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
Nice work. Giving theses a go after kicking out some sliders i don't use. It's always a pain having to make sure the slider override can handle more sliders. I like the sunken eye slider you did too. I just tried that out. Thanks for sharing : )
OneEuroMutt Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconblush--plz::iconsays3plz:Thank you. Hope they work well for you.:iconsays3eplz:
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